Welcome to the Necrotic Sideshow! Inside you will find many bizarre and terrifying things designed and created by the proprietor of this

establishment Professor Necross otherwise known as Sawbones. He received his nickname during a stent as a field surgeon in an unpopular war

in which he became proficient in the art of battlefield amputations. Returning home he began to obsess over the idea of reanimating dead tissue. Pioneering several techniques in this field with only limited success he turned to the study of robotics as a possible way to help with the regeneration process.

After some time his combination of reanimated tissues and automatons began to yield undreamed of results, so it was only natural that he would

expand his horizons in the field of genetic research. This brings us to the opening of the Sideshow and the unveiling of his ghastly abominations. 

But why a sideshow? Here are the facts as they were revealed to me. It was while the professor was perfecting his skills, the he 

happened upon a traveling carnival or they happened upon him. Whichever the case may be he decided to see if there was 

anything he could use towards his cause. While making his way through the flea ridden, dust heap of a show he came upon the 

sideshow tent. There were unparalleled grotesqueries to behold inside the tent, and it was at this time my benefactor realized the potential 

for such abominations. Soon after Professor Necross purchased the carnival, he quickly dispatched the clowns save one, the fire breather, the

one called Scorchy  for his obvious talents. He had special plans for this one. He worked his way through the camp using up it's residents

in his dark and often fatal procedures...

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